Incest Taboo sex stories with sex between family members.

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Default Having Again Forced Sex With Cousin

Having Again Forced Sex With Cousin

By: Gagan

Hi this is I Gagan again I hadnít got any over whelming response from my story unpredictable experience, now sending new story that happened only few days after that ,my cousin threatened me 2 not 2 tell about incident 2 anyone, my mom dad had to go 4 some days out of station ,so they leave me in my cousins home ,her mother was living faraway in gurgaon &only his father was there with a servant ,when my mother father leave he ordered servant 2 put my bag in his room as their wasnít any extra room so I gad 2 share my room with him then rup my cousin asked me 2 come 2 see movie of salman as he know that salman is my favorite i go over there he tell me 2 shut the door as weather was chilling it was 6 in evening ,then i removed my shoes &sit away from him in d same quilt,he asked me that why im seating away from i honestly answered that i m afraid of u he then took my &kissed it &said that he loved me &all he had done was a part of love ,he than take me near to him &tell me 2 sit in his lap,he said that he won t harm me this time ,so i agreed &was busy in movie.

But he was playing with me he hugged me,kissed me on neck i resisted him then he took my earlobe &started sucking it i was in heaven ,current was passing through me before that he can move further someone knocked the door,i stand up &it was servant outside he had cum 2 ask us 4 dinner we go outside &had dinner ,know servant has gone 2 his room which was in out house, no one was there except we 2 as father had gone 4 work &will return after 2 days & inside i was afraid of what will happen next,i told rup that im sleepy & saying this i went on bed take quilt and sleep on one side and fall sleep due to hotness i got from quilt ,after some time i felt something pinching i wake up &see it was rup who was sleeping me &naked &he was pinching me i said that plz rup leave me he said that he is obssessed about me from the day he fucked me & wanna do it again-2 with me i slaped him,he got angry & pulled me &pressed both my hands hard ;i begged him not 2 rape me as i don t want 2 get pregnant,he then me about my monthly date i told him he said that it would be safe up to 7 days, saying this he get up from bed &bought whisky & take 4 peg he offered me also &said that it won t pain if i drink i,then drink it all it was sour he then offered me other glass but i refused he then bought up a capsule 4rom his almirah & put it in drink &swallowed it after this he laid me on bed and was sitting .

Above me on his knees he unbuttoned my shirt ,then he opened my trousers &removed & kept my hand aside ,he then laid on me &smooched me he then put me up on him while kissing & started rubbing hands on my back & opened my bra hooks and then slid his hands in my panty &removed it, he come over again on me his hard dick was rubbing my pussy i was also very horny ,then he sucked my pinkish nipple &started chewing it ,fristly it pained a lot but later i started enjoying it he started then fingering my pussy it has become wet he then widened my legs put his dick on my small pussy & wrapped my legs around his waist,i cried out fuck me rup fuck me 2 death listening my words he hold my head with my hairs ,kissed me & then started strokings hard ,his dick starting going more &more inside,it was heavily paining but after 10 min of hard stroking i starting enjoy it &started moaning, he further fasten s& my orgasm started but he did not come he fucked me regularly 4 an hour & cummed inside me i already had given 5 orgasms & was tired 2 death he kept it inside me & after 10 min again started stroking, &fucked both my holes,4 whole-night i even dont know how many times i had cummed ;ending here i will wait 4 comments Do send me your comments on my id ie kohli_gagan420@yahoo.Co.In,do write me how much u like my real life story send ur comments.
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