Incest Taboo sex stories with sex between family members.

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Default Taking Mom in front of Dad

Taking Mom in front of Dad

By: Adarsh

From my earlier stories you must have learnt that I had regular sex with my mother for a long time. But my father was not aware of it. My mother told me that father had a small cock about four inches in length and pathetically thin, and he shot his cum after just a few strokes inside her cunt. And his juice wasn’t much either. He just jerked two or three times and maybe shot four or five drops of semen. So naturally mother was unsatisfied with him. We had sex several times, sometimes even up to five times during day when my father was in office.My mom was really beautiful and was about 5 feet five inches tall. She had good breasts and a wonderful cunt. She had a bushy cunt and had silky long hair on her cunt and armpits. I loved playing with the hair a lot before actual sex. She also loved sucking me and watch me shoot and make me shoot in her mouth. She was fascinated at how big I was compared to my dad and how much cum I shot. Many days I bunked college to stay back at home so that we can enjoy each others bodies more. Father used to drink regularly and was never aroused and sometimes say once in a month after heavy drinking he hugged mom and tried sex. But mom normally avoided actual fucking with him and made him lick her etc. This he did happily. Afterwards mother masturbated him and he came in just a minute.

Mother would discuss such incidents with me the next day and we used to laugh at it. “Yesterday your dad fell asleep with his tongue inside my cunt” or “Last night your father couldn’t get hard and I rubbed his soft cock and I know he came only because his cock trembled and there was just one drop of semen that still stuck to his cock” etc. After that we fucked and enjoyed. Slowly mom began to alternate between her bed and mine the same night. After dad fell asleep she came to me for sex or after fucking with me she used to make dad lick my semen from her. Dad also loved it. He said “Your juices today taste great dear” not knowing it was his son’s semen and not his wife’s nectar. Mom became more and more adventurous and started fucking me when dad was awake and drinking in another room.. Once she even interrupted our fucking when dad called her to serve dinner, went to him and came back to resume fucking.

I was 18 then and one day when we were alone at home, mom asked “Son, your dad drinks a lot. Have you ever tried it?” I said no. She said, “Why don’t we try it today?” I agreed and we went to dad’s Almirah and took out a bottle of whiskey. Since we both had not drunk earlier, we somehow made a drink and had it. It was so bitter, but after some time we started feeling the kick. We both started giggling and talking strange things and ended up fucking, licking and sucking. We had tremendous fun that day. But b the time dad came back we were sober.After several days like this, mom one day said “Son we must let your dad see us fucking. It may shock him out of his drinks” I agreed and that evening we decided to try it out. So after dad came back and sat with his bottle, mom came to my room and as usual we got nude and started our sexual foreplay. We fucked and then continued with activities like licking and sucking. When dad was fully drunk, he called out to mom for serving his dinner. Mom didn’t reply. He called twice or thrice but them mom said, “Wait, I am doing something, I will come in a few minutes” This continued for some time and then dad himself came to my room. At that time mom was sitting with her legs spread and I was licking her bushy cunt. The lights were on and dad could see Clearly he was really shocked I think, but he said nothing. He just asked mom, “when will you come?”. She said, “Just a minute. I will cum soon. Then I will be with you. Why don’t you wait and watch? It will take just 2 minutes”Surprisingly dad also sat on the bed and watched. I got up and mounted mom. Slowly I inserted my huge hard cock into mom’s cunt and started pumping with dad watching. I fucked her for about ten minutes and then shot my semen inside her cunt while dad watched. Then I pulled out. Mom kissed the tip of my cock once and said “Thank you stud. I will come back after serve dinner to your dad. Keep it hard for me” and went away nude with dad.
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:)loved that , did somthing like it myself
thanks Dave
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And the old man never said a word.
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darring sex story.
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