Incest Taboo sex stories with sex between family members.

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Default brother & sister hot

brother & sister hot

By: raj

Dear friends I am a daily reader of ISS.This story is my true life story happened few years back.I was 17 & my cousion (father's sisters daughter) was 16,she had come from punjab for my sisters marriage.As she was in mumbai I took all my cousions for a sight visit of mumbai.during the visit we happened to play for sometime in the garden,& this sister of mine Anu put a challange to all of us she the winner would get what ever he want,I re conformied with her she said yes.Then I won the challange so she asked me what do U want,I said I will tell U later,so she said Ok.In the night when everybody was getting ready to sleep I told her to change her place & sleep next to me,she asked why, I said becouse U lost the challange,she said ok.when evryone was fast a sleep,I asked her to turn to me & told her that i want U in return of my challange,she just kept quiet & turned towards me,I opened her gown buttons & removed 1 of her breast oh my god what a feeling it was so soft & fair & I had the worlds most desired thing for the first time in my hand.I seeqzed it & she started moning I pulled the nipple & suck on it she was closing her eyes & enjoying it,Then I removed her other breast also & I seeqzed them both hard & togther,I the put my lips on her lips & had the worlds sofest lips with me,i suck her lips & then she started recipricating & she sucked my lips with her hand on in my hair & asking me to do more, i kissed her neck & nibbled her ears she was gong crazy.But I could not do more as there were other guset sleeping,So I asked her to come to the balcony,she agreed.There we were alone.

I removed her gown in one stroke & took her naked body in my hand she was shivering,my hands were on her breast & my lips on her lips.we kissed & fondaled for 10 min standing then i made her lie & opened my pajam which already had a rod to enter.she saw a naked men for the first time & said what are U doing,I said makeing love to You.she said no no this will hurt,I said no it wont lets try, she was shevring with fear & desire as i touched her spot she was tottally wet.I then placed my rod on the point & enterted she yelled,I kept my hand on her mouth & withdrew as she was a virgin,after a few seconds i enterted again this time she did not yell & starting lifting her hips to meet my stroke & put her legs around me.We at 16 & 17 were no more virgins.within a minute i came into her & so did she.we both checked if somebody was watching us,no we were lucky.we washed ourselves & went to sleep.Aftre that we did not have sex as she left for punjab the next day.

Now after a long gap of 20 yrs she come to mumbai with her family for a holiday.It was a sunday afternoon,I was wearing shorts & takeing a nap in my bedroom,Anu was sleeping with my wife in the other room & her husband had gone down with the kids.She came to my room all of a sudden removed my shorts, I got up from sleep & told her what,she said nothing just could not sleep,she lifted her sari & mounted my already ready monster i pressed her breast she said open the blouse I opened the front buttons till now even i was enjoying her,I said my wife will come she said she is fast a sleep & i missed you all this years I said why you are married na,she said yes but my husband is not like you,I enjoyed what I was hearing & got encourged & opened her bra & threw it far of & pressed & seeqezed her breast she was enjoying & moning,we both came together & slept on each other then she said can You do it again I said 'what',she blused & said yes i want more she was no more that punjab di kudi,I said ok she took my half limb tool in her mouth & played with the balls I was ready again I seeqzed her boobs & told Her U have the best boobs in the world,she said treat them evryday till I am here.I smiled & entered her from the top,I adjusted my legs against a wall as she wanted hard & deep,& started hitting her & was sucking her boobs also,she lifted her legs & kept them around me she closed her eyes & was enjouing it the second round was a little longer but we came togeather she took my head in her hand & sucked my lips & said do enjoy me till I am in mumbai.I promised her.we got up washed & dressed.It is since a year now that she had come but I still cherish those fantastic moments we spend togeather.Any 30 + ladys from mumbai can mail me at, drop your comments.Thank you.
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