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Default Hot Nepali girl

Hot Nepali girl

By: rajan

Hi I am Rajan, a Nepali guy from Kathmandu. I am 28 years old and work at a reputed company at Kathmandu. I am going to tell u the story of a hot college girl of 18/19 years age. Her name is Meena. She was studying in Intermediate Level and used to live next door to me. This is the matter of 4 years from now when I used to be a computer instructor at a private school. She lived with her family. She was really a hot sex bomb. I used to imagine having sex with her-massaging her attractive boobs, kissing rosy lips and having a lot of fun with her. At first, she behaved such that she is not interested in me. Later, when she was about to finish her college studies, she showed interest in learning computer as it would be helpful to get better jobs. Since I had computer and could teach her, she started to talk to me in friendlier manner. I was in search of such opportunity. One day, she broke the ice and I agreed to teach her computer in the evening- 1 hour each day. Right from the beginning of lesson, she was more interested in practical than theories. I thought its okay. However soon I felt that she is wanting other help from me. I was surprised and also happier.

While teaching her the lessons on computer, we used to sit near and touched each other's body a number of times. I was just adding more ghee in her desire. When I totally knew that she is more interested in me than computer, I also started to behave the same way. I used to touch her body parts, hands more often. I could see he face turning red when I did so. Days passed and she started to wear low-cut sleeveless maxi so as to give me a glimpse of her tight curvature. I enjoyed. Since city supply of electricity is frequently erupted in Kathmandu it could be off any time. One day, while we were at computer, city supply went down. I said her to go. But she said she will wait for some time. We started to talk on different subjects. I was sitting near to her. It was getting dark. I wanted a try. I slowly kept my right hand on her chair stand from behind behaving as if it was not done by intention. It was to see her reaction. She at first brought an odd feeling in her face but soon became normal and started to talk to me. I was encouraged. I pushed my hand more towards her body. Her face was showing some reaction as if she was waiting for my hand to touch her breast. I was also trying to do that. Finally, I could touch her boobs from behind. The feel was over joyous. I was thrilled. It was amazing. I was getting horny. My rod suddenly grew large.

Her reaction too was very much inviting. From her facial expression, I understood that she was waiting for this for a long time and I had made the try too late. She too turned horny. But she did not reveal her feelings directly. She stood up, smiled at me and moved out of the room lazily as if her feet were not in her control. Her gesture was appealing. Those days, world cup cricket was being held. I am a cricket crazy. I used to watch the matches at night. She knew it. One day, when she invited me to watch the game in their living room together with other people form neighborhood since it was I think semifinal game and everybody was interested in the game. During the time the match was on she looked at me many times as if she invited me. Match was over and everybody went to sleep. I insisted to watch match presentation ceremony too. So I sat behind. During advertisements, she sat on the bed bending her body towards front watching TV. I was sitting on sofa in a side of the bed. In between, she was looking at me now and then. Since she was bending while sitting, I could see her tits hanging from her body. I could thoroughly see her milky-while arms and some parts of her legs. Now I was totally out of control. A hot wave ran through my entire body.

My rod got erected hard. Face heated with lust. There was but her sexy body pictured in my head. My head seemed to be pumped bigger and about to blow off. When I came back to real world, the presentation ceremony was over and a movie was on that channel. To my surprise, she too was unaware of that. She was looking at me. She started to comb her silky hair with fingers of both hands. While doing so, she raised her hands above. She was showing front part of her body and arm-pits. But I could not dare to do otherwise, stood up and started to move out of the room. Meantime, I looked at her face. "Going? she spoke in a deep voice. Her expression seemed to request me a longer stay. Expressions on her face showed that she was trying to say me not to go anywhere that night. Unknowingly, my legs moved towards her. I could remember she smiled. Raised her hands up. She was fully inviting me. Then I put my right hand on her shoulder. She stood up. Now we were face to face looking at each other's eyes which were full of sexual desire. Both were hot. Instantly, I hugged her, kissed on her velvet lips. She reacted more actively-took whole of my lips into her mouth. Now, our lips were talking with each other as passionate lovers. I ran my both hands through her back. She sticked more to my body. There was not even air between out bodies. I felt her hardened boobs striking my chest. I could feel her heart beat. Suddenly I felt her hand on my hard rod. I was too much excited. Then, my hands were on her tight boobs massaging them passionately.

Slowly, I laid her on the bed. She laid her legs and hands apart. Legs stretched more. Her eyes were closed. Face showed some relief. She was breathing faster and higher. I laid on her side; rested my body on one hand and untied her maxi. She had put on nothing under her maxi. It was open and her naked hot and sexy body was in front of me ready to be fucked in a gallant way. I was too much aroused. Then there was a full mating: hands to hands, legs to legs, lip to lips- a vibrant war of lust. Then it was her turn to undress me. After sometime we both were naked. She lovingly caressed my rod and rubbed against her face. It was the last mile: I could not resist. I took my hot rod and slowly inserted into her bush-area. She moaned softly and reacted by moving her hips. She started to pour hot water from within her chut and bathed my lund. I was vibrantly oscillating on her top. She sweated. I too sweated. After the race-course-work of half an hour we both cummed. I stayed for another 2 hours on her side hugging her tight. She slept in my arms. Then I went to my room for a good night sleep. It was amazing encounter. After that she was too much interested in me. We had sex for about one year- many times until she got married to another man. Anyone interested in hearing more stories/any interested ladies in Kathmandu can mail me
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