Incest Taboo sex stories with sex between family members.

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Default Fucking Uncle Wife

Fucking Uncle Wife

By: vasanth

Hi! I am Vasanth again with my new experience with my Aunty, I was 28rs at that time my aunty was 32yrs they ware married for 13yrs & had no kids they ware trying for one this happened when I had to visit they place for some work. She is 5.5Ē white with blue eyes good figure. It was month of June it was raining I got down in railway station & called them priya aunty told Uncle was Out station & she canít come alone so I managed to reached home by auto she open then door Till then I was went she welcomed me inside & told to change my dress as I was wet. I got freshen up & came to dining hall she gave me some Coffee & snakes to have we had chat for some times I asked about Uncle she told he will be back only after a week as he had some work so till then she will be alone. We where chatting about of Family & her life she was wearing nightly & I could see her whites Boobs. My eyes where always on then we both were very free & use to chat ob all topic & even on sex as after her Marriage she use to live with us for some time. I asked her about her doctor report she told they are still trying as it was Problem from Uncle, she asked me about my G/F as I had many & time passed till night she told why donít I bring some c.d to watch at 9:00 I went to C.D shop to get some movies I took 3 c.d in which 1 Hindi & 2 English I came home & told priya that I got only one movie & she had cooked food for us we had dinner & came to hall she told me to play the movie.

We both where watching movie I use to hold her hand & she never minded for that she was very free with me & after some time she asked me why didnít I bring any English movie then I smiled & said I bought 2 one simple & one sexy she laughed & said that now a days Uncle donít bring these kind of moves she asked me to play the XXX movies. The first seine was a female sucking cock of a black guy priya took my hand & stared rubbing my hand on her pussy I too was hard I asked her if Uncle was they it might be good she told even now she can enjoy I asked how she told u always see my boobs & want to have me why donít we both try I was in sky I told I never had it till date she told nothing to worry she will teach me & she removed my pajama & started to suck my cock then she told me to suck her boobs hard & bit her nipples she had very boobs & big nipples

She then laid on sofa & made me to suck her boobs like a baby while watching the moves she moved her had on my chest & bitted my nipples I was very horny then she told me to suck her pussy when I was doing it she was morning aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaeeeeeeedo it fast I inserted my tongue inside her pussy & licked it she was cumin I tasted it then she told to inserted my cock inside her & she sat on me & raided me like a horse as seen in the movie then she was very happy & she was shouting also jaan I had the best fuck I love u darling then she took all my cum inside her pussy we both laid on the sofa for some time & then we went inside bedroom then she too my cock & sucked it was again hard then she told me to put it in her ass & fuck her .I Pressed her boobs in my hand from back & fuck her ass I did it for 20 min & then changed the position to her pussy there again I fuck her for 30 min & I cum she told me I cum very late mostly people cum in 20 to 30 mines but I did it for 45 to 50 mines & she told my wife will be lucky to have me my 2nd was over & that night we had 2 more time & it contÖ for 5 days every day we had good fun after 3 months I came to know she was per gent then she thanks me for the Gift She told my Uncle was telling every one that at last her made it she had a boy baby & from me she got One more after 3yrs now my Uncle also know about us & he also joins us for fun we enjoy all types of sex Waiting for your mail hope u all enjoy now a days I am in Hyderabad & looking for couples for some group fun & 3som I had fun here with few couples toothanks please mail me your comment on
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