Incest Taboo sex stories with sex between family members.

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Default Ramesh Had Sex With Mom,Sis & Mausi 4

Ramesh Had Sex With Mom,Sis & Mausi 4


Hello friends, this is Ramesh Kumar Pawa i am sharing real true sex experience of my own life this is my fourth story and in this i am sharing a sex experience with my mausi (mothers younger sister).friends i received so many e mails some of them i have replied also some girls/ladies asked me that they also want to enjoy sex with their son/brother but always afraid. For them my answer is this please do not not force any body to have sex please go for sex with mutual understandings.first plan and then proceed ,in first attempt do not try for sex,go slowly and see the reaction .in first attemp just proceed little and wait for the reaction of your brother /son.i hope i have given the answer to your doubt thanks. In my previous story i already explained how it happend with my mom and sis, now i am sharing a experience with my i mentioned we are two brother and two sister.we live in chandigarh but basically we belong to a small village near chandigarh my father live at village to look after his farming and milk dairy business. My mother is having a younger sister(mausi).they are only two sister and do not have any mausi is married in a village and her husband is a farmer but holding a good land.i had sex with my mausi at the age of 18 yrs and my mausi was about 36 yrs,almost double to me.her life was not comfortable after marriage as she did not have a child and every body was blamming her at mother always had a soft corner to her younger sister as they were two sisters only .

My mother brought my mausi to chandigarh for some medical checkup and treatment, and she took her for lady doctor for treatment and she was asked to come weekly for further check my mausi lived with us for almost 45 days. One day my mom asked me to go along with mausi for her checkup to the doctor as my mom was having some marking job.i went to doctor along with my mausi and after routine check up we both were back to home but my mausi was sad. One day when my mom and younger sister(elder sister already married at that time) were out for market (local weekly market )i was along with my maudi then i asked my mausi that after check from doctor why she was sad, just asking this she sad nothing then again i asked her then she became little immotionl and started weeping i console her and asked what happened then she told her full story. She told that she is not having any child and doctor told her that she is fit and her husband is also required the medical checkup then i asked her what is the problem you call your husband.then again she started weeping again i requested her please do not weep then she told me some times she think for sucide because she donot have a child and every body at her house blame her her husband also do not like her and they call her baanjh(a lady not able to give birth to a child)and some time her husband say that he will go for second marriage.then i told her now you have already gone through checkup now tell every body that you are fit and problem with your hasband then she told in

Our society ladies are not having this liberty and always ladies are blammed for non issue of child and some times hus band also go for second marriage.she told that her husband will never go for medical check and some time he will beat her.
Then i told my mausi that i have a solution for your problem but you have to give little sacrifice then she told me that she can give every thing is she get a child.then i told my mausi that i am having a suggestion But promise me that you will not tell any body.she agreed and promised me then i told her once your husband want to go for marriage as you are not having a child so please think seriously and to save your life and future you try to have sex with some one and get pregnent and as you have come here for medical checkup the you can tell that after medical treatment you got mausi was surprised and she just kissed on my cheek and told me that she will think of it. Again i requested my mausi not to tell this to any body after one week my mom and younger sister went to village for threee days and i was along with my mausi came to me and againt she kissed me on cheek.and told me that she has thought of my suggestion and now she is ready to have a child at any cost,then i told my mausi then she should search a person a her village to have a secret sex.then she told me that she has searched.

I was surprised and little afraid also then i asked her who is that then she just came close to me and again kissed me and asked me that she want to get pregnent by me,and she started kissing me i also supported her and it was started. I removed all the cloths and i suck the breast of my mausi i squze it hard and i taste her chut juice she also sucked my lund i tokk 69 ( my favourite position)position and continued to suck her chut with my tounge and giving her finger fuck then i fuck her in dogy position and finally i fucked her naturally and realesed my all cum in her chut.this fucking session was continued and finally one day my mausi planned to go for her village along with my mom,at the time of going she came to my room and just catch my feet and told that she is pregnent she was full of joy but her eyes were full of tears she told me that she has always prayed her god to give her a child and she feels that god has bleesed her and she told me that she has not seen god but for me you are just like god.after nine month my mausi gave a birth to a beautiful baby we all went to attend the function at her village there also she met with me with full of joy but eyes were full of mausi also got pregnent after three years that i will share in my next story.any body want to share his true and real experience and contact me at
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