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Default Middle aged neighbor aunty

Middle aged neighbor aunty

By: Crorepati

Unsatisfied Auntieís, Girls who want good sex experience, Widows and divorced ladies can contact me at my mail id : Hi, I am narrating you the incident which happened to me one year back. I was married and happy. My wife was pregnant and went to her mothers place for delivery. We have rented a portion of our house to a couple who has a daughter aged 6 years. There was a door in the middle of our house which if opened can go into the other house. Uncle got a job in Saudi and he was in Saudi since 2 years and visiting India once in 2 years. Aunty was very sexy with good shapes and sizes. She was not so fair but good looking. One day I was alone in house and thought of enjoying my day by watching blue films. I had dinner and started watching blue film on TV. without sound. I thought I had closed all the windows and doors but I could not spot a window which was open. I was in full mood while watching that I was holding my dick in my hand and was masturbating. Suddenly my neighbor aunty called me and asked to open the door. I was afraid if she has seen me masturbating. My dick was in full position. I went and opened the door and asked what she wants. She came directly inside the room and asked what I was doing. I said nothing and was watching the TV. She saw my dick in 90 degrees position and said donít tell me lies. I saw you doing something. I said what. She said if you want I will join you. I was stunned and was very much happy to invite her for the enjoyment. I put off the lights and switched on the TV and put on the blue film. Now we were watching the movie side by side. She smiled and said that she saw such films with her husband but now she got a chance after a long time. First I asked what she liked in the blue films most. She said sucking the dick and having the semen in mouth. I asked do you allow me to do so.

She was very happy to hear that and said yes. I got up and started removing her nighty first. As soon as I removed her nighty she hugged me tightly. I then removed her bra. Her boobs were round and were milky. I started pressing her boobs and she was moaning in delight. I kept my mouth on her brown nipples and started licking them. She was enjoying the whole thing. I asked if she had milk in the boobs. She said press as hard as u can and if milk comes drink it. I start caressing and pressing and licking the boobs for nearly 15 minutes. Then I took her face in my hands and started kissing on her lips and neck. She was enjoying every moment as she had this experience since 2 years. She started removing my t-shirt and she also started licking my body. As she came down , she removed my inner wear and my dick came out . She holds the penis in her hand and started moving it in and out. She put the penis in her mouth and made movements on the tip of the penis which made me much horny. I removed off her panty and we both were naked now. She was keeping my penis in her mouth and licking it like ice-cream. I was enjoying it by seeing the naked girls in blue films. Then I took her to the bed room and laid her on the bed. I could see her cunt clearly with some hairs over there. She opened her legs and welcomed me to lick her cunt. I started licking the pussy and she was moaning in enjoyment. I saw her ass hole and put my tongue on it. She asked to rub it with my tongue. I did it and she was enjoying very much. She said you are more than my husband now.

I like u. Then I started finger fucking her. She was nearly having orgasm and she leaked her fluid with a bang. I removed my finger and inserted my dick into the pussy. I started moving up and down slowly and made some hard insertion now and then for which she was doing some sounds in enjoyment. I liked it and continued it for nearly 20 minutes. When I was going to cum I told that it was coming out. She told to remove the penis and bring it near her mouth. I removed and when I got it near her mouth the load of sperm came out on her face. She licked my penis with care and both slept on each other for some time and went to bathroom for a wash. She told she had not got such a open fuck any from her husband. I told that I will take care of the fucking work until her husband arrives to India.. After we had washed our bodies and were back in the bedroom both naked and were still we had a long night to go, we started again fondling each others private parts. I made her to sit on my thighs and started pressing her boobs from back side. She has holding my dick with her hand and making some movements with her finger. And again we were ready for another fuck which lasted all the night. That night we had sex for 3 times. Unsatisfied Auntieís, Girls who want good sex experience, Widows and divorced ladies can contact me at my mail id:
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