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Default Ragging in college 3

Ragging in college 3


When I opened my eyes I saw fucking all around. Prof. Basu was sitting on the bed with his lund in the mouth of Renu. Renu was sobbing but had to suck the Prof. And they were not alone, whole group was near them, cheering Renu and talking dirty. Shamal was riding a cock and another cock was buried in her asshole. She had a third cock in her mouth and was enjoying the show too. Shweta was kenneling between the thighs of Renu and was licking her choot with one lund in her own choot. The other girl was standing on the bed and pushing three fingers up her choot. The boys were busy watching and rubbing their hard lunds.The professor cried out suddenly and pulled his lund out of Renu's mouth. Ohhhhh god! The lund was covered with red blood and he was shouting in pain, "Ohhh Fuck! The slut bit my lund! Ohhhhh! It pains! God! Catch the whores both of them and tie their hands behind their backs. And lets punish them for biting a lund."

All the gang hurled Renu and me and made us stand. Shweta went to the hurt Prof. and took his lund in her mouth. " Ohhh the poor thing! Let me soothe it sir! Ohhh it has blood all over and it's bleeding! Ahhhhhhhh! Let me stop that blood Sir!" Shweta was licking away the blood from the lund. She must be a bloodhound! She did not bother to stop the bleeding but went on drinking the blood from the lund for some time. " Hey Shweta you slut! Don't drink the blood but cover it with some cloth. Get the panties of Renu whore t wipe it." Prof. Said. Shweta brought the panties of Renu and held the cloth over the bleeding lund. The Prof. was relieved when he saw that the blood flow has stopped. The atmosphere was very tense and I was afraid they were going to punish both of us for this. Each one slapped us, pinched us and tickled us... Ohhh! It was horrible. I pleaded to them that I was innocent and I allowed the boys and Prof. to fuck me and did not bite any body's cock.

But they wont listen. The Prof. gave the verdict, " Ok Pooja. If you are innocent then I want you to torture this slut Renu. I want you to push a pin through the nipples of Renu and let it be there as souvenir for this occasion. Will you do it Pooja?" Ohhh they were asking me to torture this poor girl! What could I have done? I wanted to show my innocence and that's the way I could show it. I was given two safety pins. Two boys held Renu and made it sure that she wont move. I looked at Renu. She was sobbing and her face had gone pale. I felt sorry for this girl but I had to do what was told to me. I went near her and caught her breasts. They were soft and fleshy. The nipples were hard, may be due to fear, and tender. They were just 1/2 inch long and pink in colour. I kneaded the breasts and felt them swell. The slut looked at me and begged me to stop. But I slapped her and told her to shut up! You slut, biting the cock of our Principal! I pulled her breasts holding the nipples in my hand and pinching them

." Ohhhh Pooja ! Please don't do this to me. Ohhh god! Please save me. I wont bite anybody again but please let me free." Pleaded Renu.

The boys holding her hand twisted it and she cried in pain. I opened the safety pin and went near Renu showing her how sharp the tip was. I took her finger in my hand and gave it a prick with the pin and squeezed it. Blood started to come out of the finger and I called our Principal, " come on sir this is blood for blood. Taste your slut's blood." Prof Basu sucked the blood covered finger and tasted the blood. "Ohhh slut! I want the blood from her nipple. So push that damn pin in her nipple. Yes NOW!"I took the sharp pin near the nipples and looked at Renu. She was horrified and started to cry. I did not bother her pleadings and caught her nipple in my thumb and forefinger. I squeezed it and then in one single thrust pushed the safety pin through the nipple near its tip. Ohhhhhhhh! Renu cried out in pain and tried to shirk away my hand but two boys were holding her securely and so she could not do anything. The pin pierced the tender tissue of Renu's nipple and then I locked the safety pin.

Ohh god! I had pierced the nipple of a innocent girl! This made me wet! Ohh I was enjoying it. Was I perverted? I did not think much but went on with the other nipple. I did the same to other nipple while the whole group watched. Prof Basu. Took the nada of salwar and then put it through the safety pins. Now both the nipples were secured with the safety pin and a rope through each. She was like a horse and Prof Basu looked at her with mischievous smile. She caught the two ropes in hias hand and gave them a little jerk. Ohhhh! Renu cried in pain and her breasts jerked with the rope. " Sali! Randi! Dekho usko ghoda bana diya hai! Come on walk ! I will hold the reins and follow you. You whore of a horse! Walk! Run!" Renu was too terrified to protest and she started to walk with the Prof. Walking behind her holding the two ropes. The ropes were pulling her breasts back and Prof knew how to make her suffer. He stopped and pulled the ropes back.. Renu felt her breasts turn sideways with the ropes pinned to her nipples. It must have been very painful for her as she was crying even loudly and begging the principal to have mercy on her. " Ohh slut you bit my lund! How can I leave you unharmed? You have to suffer. Now I am going to stuff your choot with all the rubbish in the dustbin. I want to use your choot as a dustbin! Come on stuff her choot with the things in the bin. Sali harami!

Come on spread your legs for them or else I will pull your nipples!" It was the Peons job now! Shankar emptied the dust bin on the floor and started to pick out the waste. There were torn papers, carry bags, empty plastic bottle of cold cream, used tooth brush, and the most attractive was a long perfume bottle. Prof Basu looked at the items carefully, planning to dump all of them in Renu's choot. He called in Shamal and asked her to push these items as he directed. The entire group was looking at this scene with interest and waiting for Renu's choot to be filled with the waste. First the papers were made in to a ball and roughly pushed inside the choot. The paper roll was about cricket ball size and as it went in it absorbed all the wetness from the choot of Renu. Then went the carry bags. Then the empty bottle of Ponds. The bottle was wide but small. Shamal pushed the bottle in renus choot and we saw the choot stretch and then swallow the bottle in. This must have broken Renu's hymen and she cried in pain of tearing the virginity. The poor girl has to lose her virginity to waste empty bottle! Everybody clapped and enjoyed.

Then Shamal took the long empty perfume spray can and seductively licked it and sucked it in her mouth as if it was a lund. She uttered obscene words, " Hey Renu! Ye ek lund hai! Sali Randi ka kaam lund dalke lena hai! Chal aab ye mota lund aapni choot mein le!" and she pushed the empty can in the choot of Renu. That was really big for poor renus virgin choot. I saw as it stretched the choot walls of renu beyond limits and we could see the walls falling on the perifery of the can. Slowly all the 5 inches of the can was pushed in. Ohhh these fellows meant business! They had stuffed all the waste in renus choot. Shamal was now fucking the can in and out of the poor girls choot. This movement was pushing the other waste deep inside the choot of Renu. Finally shamal thrust the can brutally and let it remain burried in the choot. The Prof. Pulled the rope and made her boobs jiggle. Prof Basu asked Shamal to wet the gaand of Renu so that he can push his dirty old lund, that was bitten by this slut into the gaand and take its virginity.

Shamal immediately attached her mouth to the gaand of Renu and spat on it, pushing the spit into the gaand hole to lubricate it. Shweta was now calling the group and they were discussing something. Shamal called the principal to fuck the gaand of Renu and she herself placed the old man's lund at the tiny ass hole of Renu. Prof. Basu pushed his lund with all the anger he had and we saw it enter the tiny asshole and then the cries of poor Renu. Renu was thrashing her legs( she was made to lie on her stomach) and her kick hit Shamal on her face. Ohhhhh! The poor teacher. Her mouth was bleeding and she had some injury in the mouth due to her teeth pushing in with the force of the kick. " You slut! Sali randi! Muze laath marti hai? Dekh aab teri kya haalat karti hu! Ohhhhh Randi! Principal saab Sali ki gaand mein aapna paani chodo aur phir mai uska kya hal karti hu dekho!" Principal fucked her asshole fast and soon ejaculated his semen dep in renu's gaand. Shamal pulled out his lund from the gaand and pressed her own mouth to the hole and sucked in all that cum principal had poured. " Sali ki gaand gandi hai! Mere principal saab ka paani ganda ho jayega. Is liye main ye pee rahi hu." The group was excited now and they grabbed me.

( I was lying and watching all this activity) Shweta said, " Sali kaise arram se dekh rahi hai. Chal aab sub ko chod de. Thab thak renu ki hallat kya hoti hai dekhenge." And I was told to fuck each lund and suck each choot. There were 5 lunds and 3 choots. I had a big job to do. I bent myself and urged the males to fuck me and at the same time I asked the girls to lie in front of my mouth so that I could suck their choots. One guy pushed his lund inside my choot and fucked me mercilessly. Shweta lay in front of my mouth and spread her legs. Her sweet pink choot was just in front of me. I pushed out my tongue and licked her choot slit. The lund in my choot was pumping faster and faster and I could feel him cumming in me. Ohh the hot jets of cum splashed my choot and his lund softened.

I cried in frustration but was delighted when another hard lund entered my choot. I bucked my gaand back to meet the lund and the fucking continued. I licked Shweta's choot and concentrated on her dear little clitty. Shweta jumped as I licked her clit directly. The sensation must be very intense I suppose. I continued licking shweta's clit and soon felt her cumming. Her body stiffened and she let out a big grone and pressed her choot on my mouth. This was nice! I felt her choot flooding with juices and I swallowed her clean.I too came and milked the lund fucking me. The boy too came and another one took his place. I watched our Principal and Shamal. Shamal had called in Shanker and he had some ropes with him. I wondered what they were unto. But soon it was clear. Renu was made to lie on her back and her hands were brought on her chest. Shanker tied firm knots of the rope around her ankles, tying both the hands together. Then her feet were tied too. The rope was very long and then I knew why it was so.

Shanker climbed on a stool and then passed the rope through the hook on the ceiling (was made for ceiling fan). The ropes were pulled and Renu's body hung free with the ropes tied to her hands and feet. The poor girl was hanging. Prof. Basu still had the ropes attached to her nipples in his hands. He lay below Renu and asked Shanker to lower her body so that her choot was just above his lund. Shamal caught principals lund and placed it on the choot of Renu. " Lower her! Randi ko neeche karo. Dalo iske choot mein aapna lund Mere yaar! Chodo Sali ko. Aabhi tak uske choot mein poora dust bin hai! Chodo usko aur uskee choot ka bhosada banao. Sali maderchoot! Haaarami ladki!"Basu found his cock struck at the entrance. It was not gong in to her choot as the empty can already blocked it. Shamal poked her fingers in Renu's choot and felt the can and took it out. Now Principal could fuck Renu with other things in her choot. Shamal took the can and pushed it in Renu's mouth. Renu had to lick that can which was smeared with her own juices.

Now shanker lowered her body and Shamal adjusted the principals lund so that it could enter her choot. Ohh what a sight! Poor Renu was hanging on the rope with her choot filled by the principals lund. Now the principal lay back and Shamal asked Shanker to fuck the choot by pulling the rope and then loosning it. Ohh renu was made a fuck machine fucking the lund. But renu could not bear her own weight and she started to plead." Ohhhh! Please free me! I cant bear the weight. My legs and hands are tired. PLEASE! I will do anything you tell me to do! I wont disobey you again! Please let me free."Shamal thought for a moment and asked Shanker to let her free. Shanker lowered her body and unfastened the ropes and let her free. The principal's lund was stil burried in renu's choot and as her body fell free, he grabbed her ass and fucked her choot fast. Shamal called Shanker and asked him to fuck Renu's mouth. Renu opened her mouth to take Shanker's lund. She sucked on it and then swallowed about half the lund and started to suck on it.

With her both ends filled Renu looked like a real slut. Shamal spread her choot and tried to insert Renu's hanging breast into her hole. Ohh she must have felt the soft flesh going in her choot as she cried in pleasure and came..Shanker too came after few minutes and then the prof. The two soft lunds came out and again renu lay of the floor panting. The three of them looked at the body of renu and shamal asked the two men to piss on renu's body. Shanker took the lowere half while the principal pissed on the upper half. Hot piss sprayed on the body of renu and she cried in disgust. Ohh don't piss on me ! ohhhh God! You are using me as a toilet. Ohhhh save me! Ohhh Madam!" "You whore! Slut! Randi! You deserve this! Now open your mouth and drink my piss." Shamal sat on renu's face and pissed.

The golden yellow stream fell directly on renu's mouth and Renu had to swallow it. She was afraid to spill it out. Renu drank all the piss Shamal had in her bladder. I was fucked by all the boys and had sucked the choots of the three girls. My choot was flooding with the cum of the boys and I had pussy juice over my face. After Shamal was through with Renu she came to me. " Ohh this slut is full of cum and choot juice. Ohh let me drink it! I love the cum!" And Shamal drank all the cum in my choot and licked my face clean too. Now the group was satisfied and all of them sat on the floor exhausted. I was told to sleep and the Principal announced that we two were regular members of this group. He also told us that we have to join the group in fucking two more girls from my class who were to be initiated. Ohhhhh! I loved it! I was now looking forward to torture the two fresh girls and initiate them into our group
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