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Default Milky bhabhis -5

Milky bhabhis -5


hi its me one day i went with mumtaz to pick her bhabhi who was coming from muscat i left parveen and mubeena to see the house.we wentand mumtaz was wearing saree with a very small blouse we waited in airport suddenly i saw a gorgeous woman coming towards us mumtaz introduced to me that it was rizwana her bhabhi .she was wearing saree .she was about 38 yrs and 403434 .i could not resist i tried to kiss her .mumtaz told she has told all about us and she has come for fucking and sucking.we took her to farm hous as soon we were in mumtaz became nude parveen was in pink micro bra,mubeena was nude.i told guest has come go and make milk kheer mumtaz smiled she bent parveen and mubeena and started milking them about i litre of milk came . mubeena went and milked mumtaz and got half a litre

mumtaz wen to make kheer .i turned took rizwana to room and started kissing herthen removed her saree tore her blouse then bra wow wat a site it was like two milk dairies .i sucked it squeezed it lik it milking it ,milk is flowing i drink it she moans mmmmmmmm allah ji aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm mmmmmm.i squeeze milk into bowl about 300ml.i kept sucking then went down started sucking her pussy lik her clit it was 2 inches

i took it in mouth and sucked and sucked until it was red in color then put my cock into her pussy and started fucking grinding her faster and faster mubeena came and started sucking rizwana ry boob parveen took lt boob i grinded riz pusssy and put my fingers in mubeena an d parveen pussyand started fingering them mumtaz came seeing this she got excited she stood in front of me i started sucking her pussy.i was fucking all the 4 bhabhis at last i cummed and we drank boobs milk kheer .

Later in the the farm house.we used to suck and fuck almost 24 hrs except for food.i told them to wear micro bras and g string panty at home. mubeena in red bra,mumtaz in yellow bra and parveen in black day as mubeena was making breakfast ,mumtaz was bathing, parveen was cleaning hte rings parveen talks it is her husband.i go near her and remove her bra.o god my milking session starts.i kiss her boobs milk her drink her .she got excited cut the phone call and lied on the mat as i was sucking her boobs she was shaging my cock i told mubeena to make milk peda from all the three boobs milk she came inside started milking like cow got 400ml milk then bent herself like cow i milked her and got 3ooml of milk mumtaz came inside mubeena went to her and milked her and got 250ml of milk .

mubeena took the milk and went inside to make pedas.i then put my mouth on boobs and started to drink milk parveen was screaming aaaaaaahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaallllllllaaaaaaaahhhhhhhjjjjjjjiiiiiiiiii.i then put my engorged cock into her and started fucking ,first slowly then drilling then faster she was in heaven was callinggggg names suckkkkkkkk mmmmyyyyyyyy titts suckmy milk fuck my cunt tear it finger it bite it . hearing the sound mumtaz entered the room and seeing us in ecstacy she became nude and started sucking parveen boobs i called mumtaz near me and started fucking her hug e ass mumtaz was moaning llllllmmmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.i kept fucking parveen and fingering started ringing mubeena received phone and told that it was her brother and want to talk to parveen mubeena brought the phone to parveen ears parveen could not talk as she was getting fucked by me she told she will talk latr and cut the phone .

seeing this mubeena removed hr dress and started sucking mumtaz boobs milk ws pouring she drank it .i removed my cock and put into mumtaz ass and started grinding her she moaned mmmmm aaaaaahhhhhhhhh i put my hands inyto parrveen and mubeena pussy and started fingering clit of bothhh all were screamimg ooooooooohhh mmmmmmmm lllllllllllll.i kept fucking mumtaz ass until i started cumming i cummed into her ass.both mubeena and parveen ate it liki=ed it fully.mubeeena told she has to go to kitchen to make pedas i pulled her and put my limp cock into her it started growing biggerand bigger with my cock in her we entered kitchen she told tere is time for pedas i started to hump mubeena so fast that she sat on the chair i fucked her till i put all my curd into her i kept fucking parveen came in front of me i started sucking her boob milking her drinking her milk .mumtaz came and started sucking parveen cunt.i put my fingers into mumtaz pussy and parveen ass parveen put finger into my ass and fingering it .it was a very new xp,i got more excited and humped mubeena .

i came to a climax with all four falling on the ground.mubeena got up went and brought boobs milk pedas i now put my cock in mumtaz pussy fingering parveen and mubeenas pussy and eating tasty milk pedas next fucking in outside
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