Group Sex Stories with sex between more then two people.

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Default All in a family

All in a family

By: Bijaya

Every one want sex. An never ending desire. The more u do it the more desire comes. A varriety, change of taste, different partner etc. Until u keep ur mind & body in control. But i feel nothing wrong having sex with others. U will get satisfaction if u are faithfull & good relation with your partners.
I am an engineer. 40yrs old married with two sons. Stayed away from home due to my govt. job with my famaily.My wife is beutiful but small built. We love sex & enjoy every bit of it. My penis is little bit thick & long. It pains her when it ploughs hard. He want speed & speed. Loves to fuck from top to bottom. The taste of his loving pussy makes him hard & hard. But he feels hurt when his pussy feels pain. With anger & fraustration he vommits & come out. Still he needs more.
Sometimes i have to away from my house on tour. My younger brother comes & stayed with them. He 30 yrs old & married. He just see our landed property. My father have left every thing for his comfort. We have one sister in between us. She is also married. My younger brothers wife is verry beautiful & well built. Her firm boob with pink nipple is very attractive. She knows how to be attractive & also attract others. I always imagine her & masturbate. Slowly press her boob, smell her pussy hair & tounge it. But i cant imagine more.
One day i have to go to capital for my office work. My younger brother was in my quarter. I left for capital early in the morning. But my office jeep put me in trouble. so i wait till it repair. But it was too late. I come back.
It was nearly 1pm. My childs were at school. I enter into my quarte. It was sillent. when i was just entering my bed room i heard some sound . It was more graunting. I just see what is happening inside. It was a live telecast of a blue film of davar & bhabi. Both are fully naked & my loving brother is enjoying my wife on top. Both are pasted like one. He was fucking slowly. his hips are ups & down in a rythim & u know the sound. It was a marvelous seen to record it. I wait & watch them. The bed was well spaced for a good play. My penis was fully hard. But nothing to do. My brother just relaxed. his short penis just out. My wife spread her leg more to give him more passage to enter. He enter his penis & start pussing it inside. Both of her thighs are well spread. It was agood position where u can see the fucking. Both are enjoying. They took a long time comlete. I feel my wife is getting more & more pleasure than me.

Tommorow i wiil post the rest. Thanks
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