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Default Sardarni ki Chudai

TITLE---NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH ! in hot weather of June when city is burning with heat on second floor in house in Mohali,which judge Deshpande chose for privacy coz he has good reputation in Govt and Dont want to lose it with such action in public, Though he is such a position its just a trifle for him but he donít want risk, In air conditioned room which is filled with luxurious furniture Deshpande is sitting on sofa with his legs on centre table and one tall bulky Sardar in light green turban and little dark pant shirt look like high rank officer form Punjab (POL)filling his mug with beer, In room cold then normal this self styled waiter is sweating he has appeal in his eyes when he look at Deshpande,He is touching Deshpande feet and one bag on table at same time as if asking for mercy,At the same time on other large sofa sitting two men one is around 40 and other 25 they are looking at Sardar with cruel passion in their eyes and with evil smile.They are waiting for their share but they have no attention to bag on table they are waiting for something else.Now sardar mumbling something to Deshpande with hands together,When man of 40 speak something sardar turned with same gesture Coz this guy is someone from Centre and is close friend of Deshpande other young man is his relative and here for party with empty mug on his front.Sardar is appealing for mercy on him and his family if he lose his job.Though this Sardar is rich man a Land Lord but these crocodile tears are his Duty in front of superior Like Deshpande.Then Sardar make one call on his cell after five minutes There was bell on door Sardar touch Despande feet and moved swiftly to leave. When out at main door This sardar met another Sardar he is his driver Name Jarnail who respond with affirming gesture and moved his eyes toward Grey Bolero on corner,Then First sardar put hand on Driver 's shoulder in thanks and hurriedly moved toward his Gypsy.After 7-8 minutes Driver Jarnail opened the door of Bolero and his wife Rajwant comes out.Rajwant is a big woman looks less then 30 with fair color and Sharpe features.Her sharp eyes,sharp Curve of Nose,thin lips dimple in Chin looks high class jatt family,But her small features has no Comparison with Large Breasts and her Salwar couldnít hide her Buttocks which bounced like melons when she walked.When Mohan(Servant) open door she stands behind Jarnail both enter inside and in mintue Jarnail leave her there and she was little worried when jarnail open door to leave.I ask her to come in make her sit on sofa and give her orange juice and dry fruits.she was little uncomfortable in this high class residence,Expensive furniture and decoration,She feared and excited at the thought of being at such high rank Officer home.Rajwant Kaur is a ambitious woman but she had Rural background (Moga) three sistes,one brother.She was eldest and study at Bathinda while she stayed at her Masi 's(aunt) home.Not good in studies but Queen of Giddha, participated in several state level and college level competions,Her team was second in north zone(national)When she was in love with Gurdeep local boy From landlord faimly,handsome,Rich,but Arrogant left her in MA Final.Her dream to become rich and live in high society shatterd.After few years she married Jarnail he is in Punjab(POL) who has relation with High class people. Now she has two sons,She occasionally visit SSP home to work while his wife stay out and his servants get holiday for one or two days.But now this is different Jarnail told her These people are over the SSps,Or Dsps, when she looked around at luxurious things she could hardly compose herself, She feel excited and feared if she make some mistake or make them unhappy. She dressed up in hurry so not sure she was looking good enough in effort she set her Dupatta and press her lips together.After five minutes When Deshpande his friend Vijander and relative Ragav(Raghu)who is a MA student at Chandigarth comes down Rajwant Kaur stand up and said SSA to three men.Men noticed Rajwant Kaur's effort to cover Breasts with dupata but those mounds of flesh and their Size can hard to hide.Deshpande and his friends no one speak a word for sometime,then Deshpande tell her to sit.Then Raghu sit very near to her hold her Round arm and speak in punjabi,He was living in Chandigarth and crazy about punjabi women.She told him Her full Name is Rajwant Kaur Dhindsa raghu moved his hand from Her fleshy arm to Boob,And Virander Said"Bhut Bade hain sali ke"Then Virander put hand on Rajwant back and moved downwards and said"Bhut Bade Chutad hai sali ke" then Virander grabbed her "sali ki Kamar dekh or Chutad dekh,Shaib apne to Dilkhush kar diya ajj"Then he grabbed her boobs "Chal utaar ise,raghu kameej utaar iski" Deshpande touched her face and moved away to get more beer.When he returned Rajwant Kaur was talking with Virander who telling Rajwant His position his powers his authority, When Deshpande returned with mug of Beer he sit on sofa and ask Rajwant to sit in His Lap ,and then Lift her kameej from behind and caressing and plucking on her large buttocks.Rajwant Kaur's face is red with embarrassment and off course with excitement. Raghu is Fan of culture of punjab he learned to speak punjabi when he moved to chandigarth.He has collection of punjabi songs old and bhangra remix.After half an hour when mohan come to Drawing room with beer Curtain is closed,from inside coming the curious sound of some old Punjabi folk song, Which says That Jatti (jat woman)how she raised with butter and milk how as woman she become Queen of punjab and Queen of Giddha(Dance).Then there is Dance in Rain and curiously Shameless Description of How large her Thighs and Breasts are.When mohan enter Rajwant Kaur is sitting in Varinder 's lap who kissing her cheeks Her kameej and Bra is on centre table Varinder 's one hand is in her Open Salwar other on her Back.Her Large Boobs are wet with their spit and mohan can see the deep marks of teeth on Rajwant's left boob.And Rajwant' right arm is around Varinder they kissed.Mohan returned and in kitchen he Heard their laughter after some time he heard the Rajwant's voice joining them,sometimes she shrieks and laugh loudly.After two hours curtain moved and Varinder appeared only in Underwear and behind him Rajwant come out slowly Not even a thread on Rajwant Kaur's body her front was shaved her Head size Large breasts standing upright with Big nipples,thin fold of fat around her waist her Deep Navel shivering and Kalwant Kaur's Large Fleshy buttocks Dimpled when she walks Varinder Takes her Upstairs .Mohan come out to see in Drawing room Deshpande is sleeping and Raghu Mumbling something in sleep, 10 minutes later when mohan silently went up He could see Kalwant Kaur Lying on floor Face Down and Varinder Pumping her from Behind After twentymintues she came down stairs to make phone call to her Husband.
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good story but so quickly u got her dress removed it should b very slow in more steps
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Nice story, I loved it.
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