Incest Taboo sex stories with sex between family members.

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Default My Friends Hot Mom

My Friends Hot Mom

By: Sayan

Hi friends,I m Sayan doing 2nd yr engg.I m living in Pune.Although not a regular reader but still I often visit this site.Friends I am not a professional writer so pls.excuse me 4 any mistake. Friends the story which I m writing is true n happened with me 6 months back. This story is of my very good friend's mom.His name is Kaustubh n his moms name is Sonali. She is a lady in her late 30's.Belive me friends that lady is a real bitch.Kaustubh was not my childhood friend but we met each other after coming in our college(C.O.E.P).We became very good friends after our first meeting. And I started visiting his home often. He was living with his mom alone. He father was a banker in solapur.Every time when I used to visit his home, aunty used to offer me something to eat.Oops I forgot 2 give her description. She was having great maintained body n a fair complexion. I never had wrong intension about her until that doom day.

Cutting all this crap.I guess I should start the story...As usual one day I visited Kaustubhs home in evening. As he went for his tuitions, aunty asked me to wait for him n he will be home soon. Till then she asked me to watch t.v.As I was swapping channels stopped in the mtv channel. Some hot scenes were shown during that. Watching that I got aroused and I desperately needed to cool myself. I called aunty n asked her for the toilet. She shown me the way towards the toilet. I went inside and started jerking myself off. Due to fear n shame I was not comingís was taking a lot time. Meanwhile finding me in toilet for this long(may be aunty got suspicious)n she started peeping in the bathroom. At first I didnít noticed her but later suddenly I saw her. Looking her I was shocked and dumbstuck.I was feeling very shy. She also became red coz of shyness. My hard,hot,90degree penis in a moment came down. I quickly pulled my undies and wore my trouser. She too nasty moved away from the scene.

I came out of the toilet n sat in the sofa before tv.I was totally confused for what to do next. I managed some courage and went to kitchen where aunty was doing something. I said sorry to aunty and told her that I am leaving. Aunty was also feeling shy. She also apologized for breaking my privacy. She then asked me to forgive her n wait for Kaustubh.I could not refuse her n went to the drawing room. She later came with tea.There was an awkward silence in the room. After some time she broke the silence and asked me to not to tell this incident to her son. I told her that I wont.She continued by saying this thing are normal at this age. I became bit comfortable listening these words. She then asked if I had sex with any girl. I almost dropped my tea listening this. I never expected aunty to say this. I shyly said no. She asked me to not to be shy. She continued with few questions about our college.

I then got frank with her and started talking boldly. Later I asked her bout uncle. She revealed that uncle visit her once a month n she is unsatisfied with her. I was again shocked listening these words coming 4m aunts mouth. But my series of shocks doesnít end here. She then suddenly asked me if I would have sex with her. I was dumbstucked.I could not utter I word. She then started kind of begging. She said"plz satisfy me I canít ask for this to anyone n sayan u can only help me out".I was felling so happy to hear This. I said I will. But that day we could do nothing but just kissed as it was high time for kaustubh to come from tuitions...

Friends that day I couldnít do anything as later kaustubh came. But next day I bunked my college and went to kaustubh's house. I was on seventh heaven as was going to lose my virginity. And u wonít believe what happened when I reached there...

The door was locked and nobody was there. As I enquired from the neighbor I came to know that uncle came to home that morning. And uncle took aunty for shopping. I was cursing my luck. Mere swath K.L.P.D. ho Gaya tha(Khara Lund Pe Dhoka)doston. But friend I didnít lose my hope that day and kept my moral high.And I screwed her later. Friends my story of fucking her I will be continuing in next part if I get good response for this story. So plz mail me n give ur response in my never lose hope.
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