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Default First night in bus

First night in bus

By: sunil

I am and my age was 18 when this incident took place. My native is Trichi, Tamil Nadu and I and my grandma gone to Madras to attend a function. We two got the seat and slept after a few minutes. After some time I felt someone has often touched my legs with his legs. I was sleepy mood I didn't care for that. However, I saw a guy who has been touching my legs.

He looks smart and his eyes feeling thirsty of sex. I slept again after a few minutes. I didn't know what he did after that. After some time, I awoke and I saw that guy was sleeping too. That time my stomach got pain and I know this pain was due to nature call. When time passes I had an urge for urine as well as shit. I didn't know how to stop the bus stating this reason. So I myself controlled to the extent possible. I wore churidhar that time.

I could not control after some time and shit has come outside and my panty was filled with shit. But my grandma was fast asleep. After few minutes, the bus was stopped for a small break. Then I run to the toilet and I throw my panty there itself and I cleaned my ass which was full of shit. I also took off my churidhar outside and cleaned with water. While putting churidhar in a hurry, strich of churidhar in pussy portion was tore. I thought that this strich would not visible to others as this tore can be closed with the top. I sat on the bus as if nothing was happened to me and the bus was moving. After an hour the bus was suddenly stopped and the conductor of the bus told that this bus would not move due to some major repairs.

The conductor stopped some bus and he asked us to go in that bus. We all boarded into that crowded bus. However my grandma managed to get one seat for her. I struggled to go inside the bus and the guy who touched my leg was standing behind me and as usual he touched my ass with his finger. I tried to move out from that place but due to heavy rush my efforts went in vain. I feared that he may touch the tore portion of churidhar and with that tore portion he could able to touch my ass and pussy.

But he was touching upper portion of ass and hip. In that way I felt better and I didn't oppose him. That made him little courage. He suddenly press his middle finger in ass hole and he felt immediately that no clothes covered in that portion. He then asked me to give some way so that he can move forward. I thought he was going forward and I gave some place to move on. But he didn't go forward but stand in front of me. I know that he was going to do something and I prepared for everything. He slowly took his middle finger press in my hairy pussy. He found the way very easily. Even I didn't put my fingers there. But my friend who was recently married told how her husband her. From that day I thought I also got fucked by some one.

He slowly inserted his fingers in full in my pussy. I was really excited and I saw anyone is watching us. Fortunately the light has been put off that time. He pressed my breast very hard and I got severe pain. Later he removed his pant zip inserted his penis into my pussy. I was surprised his braveness and I too prepared to accept whatever it happens. But his penis would not go into my pussy and I was virgin and he also didn't have enough space for fucking hard. But he pressed so hard and I stretch by leg as far as possible. It was very paining for me. I can feel the hotness of his penis.

After 10 minutes battle his penis go into me and I felt something was tore in my pussy. I got bleeding too. But he was very happy and move his ass little so that his penis can move on my pussy. He fucked me for 15 minutes and released his gum into my pussy. Then he took off his penis and I touch my pussy and it was wet and I inserted my finger there and I felt the gum of that guy and I tasted my fingers too. My menses period has been delayed in that month and my friend gave some tablet for not to become pregnant. Readers may post their comments in my email id
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