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Default Fucking Rekha

Fucking Rekha

By: Atul

Hi I am Atul again want to tell a real story.

I fucked Rekha once again. It was rainy season. It was raining when I went to Rekha's place. After talking for sometimes I started to kiss her and unbuttoned her dress. She became excited and started rubbing my dick with her hand. I had already fucked her couple of times, so there was nothing left to hide between us. we went straight way into bedroom and started licking and kissing each other. She got excited and shouted. We were already naked.
"Fuck me again, stud. I want more."
And without further remark, she rolled over on her stomach, pushed her ass high in air, while her face was in the pillows. She then moved her knees apart and held her position. Her slit was enticingly facing me from where I lay on the bed. She obviously wanted me to ride her doggie style, but I had other ideas. to teach this slut another
Lesson I thought to myself. I rubbed my rigid tool against her juicy twat as I straddled her from behind. Rekha , let out a sigh in expectation of vaginal
Penetration. But before she was entirely aware of what I was doing, I wrapped my arm around her waist and placed my dick-head at her tight brown hole. It took me several thrusts to get my meat all the way in her. Screaming and trying to escape her fate of a major ass-fucking, Rekha again struggled in my tight grip.
She let out tiny screams of pain as I had pushed into her backdoor. Once I got my blood-engorged head past her resistant sphincter, I started fucking her in the ass slowly penetrating as deeply as I could. "What's the matter, Rekha , you sleazy cock-sucking whore? Don't you want me to fuck you in the ass? I thought all bad little sluts want to have a big dick up their ass." She didn't answer me. She only screamed, cried, and begged me to stop.
I switched my grip from around her waist to putting a hand on the back of each shoulder and pulled them slightly toward me at the same time I pushed her face firmly down into the pillow as I slammed my groin into her backside. Shifting one hand to her long black hair, I twisted it around my arm and jerked back her head as if it was a horses rein. Her screaming was now guttural and there was a distinctive whacking sound as each thrust made contact with her buttocks. I could feel my sack slap against her pussy lips with each thrust. I rammed my rod
in and out of Rekha's tight asshole while she struggled and cried beneath me. It felt really good to have my servant skewered helplessly with my big cock up her ass to the hilt. I wasn't about to stop until I shot my wad deep in her. Once again resigned to her fate, Rekha's struggling slackened. She no longer resisted
and only an occasional whimper revealed her reluctance to be butt-fucked. I was close to my climax and I was slamming her ass so hard that it was lifting her knees up off the bed. She was desperately pushing on the headboard with her hands to keep her head from banging against it. I could hear her growl like a beast as I pulled back on her hair while I fucked her tight brown hole.. "Ughh....
take it up your ass you sleazy slut...." I pulled out of her ass, leaving her arse hole momentarily gapping open.

Rekha , fell Forward on her face and immediately began gasping for air and crying hysterically. Seeing her gaping ass hole, I once again caught her hips and before she could say any thing I rammed my hard meat into her tight ass hole. Rekha screamed out in pain, but I kept fucking her ass hole brutally. I now wrapped my arms around her back and squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples.
Rekha was now screaming in pleasure and pain. I was merciless…I kept ramming my huge penis into her ass hole while I brutally squeezed her nipples. And then, I ejaculated. Streams and streams of my warm cum erupted deep in her ass hole. I
collapsed on top of Rekha and pulled out my limp penis. Rekha lay on the bed dazed.
I picked her up and carried her into the shower and let a stream of warm water wash the cum, sweat and tears off of her.
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